“You are young….

“You are young. You are at the prime of your life. Do not waste your time feeding your mind with useless ideas and subjecting your body to unhealthy habits. Respect yourself enough to stay away from people who will do no good to you. Love your self.”

Repost from a Facebook friends’ status

Beauty Thursday – DIY Moisturizer Mask

Before you even consider lathering on lots of makeup to cover your face you should consider the condition your skin is in. Your skin is considered as a canvas and before you paint anything on it you should make sure that your canvas is clean. So here’s a natural way to moisturize your skin without all those creams you lather everyday. It’s good to go through the natural root once in a while. So here it is:

Mix 2 tablespoons honey with 2 teaspoons milk. Smooth over face and throat. Leave on 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

And that’s it. Make sure your face is moisturized always!

DIY Wednesday – Projects I’m Gonna Be Doing in the Future (Part 2)

Still no DIY projects today. Sadly, I accidentally scraped my left hand on some broken glass and since I’m a proud lefty I can’t use it for now. So I will be continuing my future projects list and I’m obsessed with LIPS! Not my own or anyone else’s for that matter. I am obsessed with lip shaped makeup bags! Ever since I saw the makeup bags given by Milani to some Youtube bloggers I was hooked! So I’m gonna attempt to make my own. Here are some of my inspirations:

1.“Lips” Lipgloss Holder

2. Leather Lips Makeup Bag

And here’s the Milani Makeup Bag:

DIY Wednesday – Projects I’m Gonna Be Doing in the Future

I didn’t have any time to make any DIY projects this week but I do have a ton I want to try in the future. I didn’t have the supplies to make what I wanted so let’s be contented with these babies. This will also serve as a pledge for me to actually make the projects.

1. Heart Ring by I SPY DIY

2. Hex Nut Bracelet by Henry Happened

3. Alexander Wang Hardware Clutch by Runway DIY

4. Nautical Red Necklace by Stripes & Sequins

5. Wire Bow Ring by I SPY DIY

6. Heart Bracelet by I SPY DIY

Can’t wait to go to my local hardware store and actually do these projects! What do you think of these projects? Comment below!