DIY Wednesday – Projects I’m Gonna Be Doing in the Future (Part 2)

Still no DIY projects today. Sadly, I accidentally scraped my left hand on some broken glass and since I’m a proud lefty I can’t use it for now. So I will be continuing my future projects list and I’m obsessed with LIPS! Not my own or anyone else’s for that matter. I am obsessed with lip shaped makeup bags! Ever since I saw the makeup bags given by Milani to some Youtube bloggers I was hooked! So I’m gonna attempt to make my own. Here are some of my inspirations:

1.“Lips” Lipgloss Holder

2. Leather Lips Makeup Bag

And here’s the Milani Makeup Bag:


DIY Wednesday – Projects I’m Gonna Be Doing in the Future

I didn’t have any time to make any DIY projects this week but I do have a ton I want to try in the future. I didn’t have the supplies to make what I wanted so let’s be contented with these babies. This will also serve as a pledge for me to actually make the projects.

1. Heart Ring by I SPY DIY

2. Hex Nut Bracelet by Henry Happened

3. Alexander Wang Hardware Clutch by Runway DIY

4. Nautical Red Necklace by Stripes & Sequins

5. Wire Bow Ring by I SPY DIY

6. Heart Bracelet by I SPY DIY

Can’t wait to go to my local hardware store and actually do these projects! What do you think of these projects? Comment below!