DIY Wednesday – FUN Bookmark Edition!

What do you do with the envelopes your mail comes in? Whether they be bills or junk mail. Well, here’s a fun new way to recycle them! FUN Bookmarks! Got this idea from The Gin & Jacqie Blog and added my own twist to it.

Let’s start off with the envelopes:


Just some regular envelopes that one of the phone bills come in.

Next, cut a square shape from one of the corners of the envelope. I chose the lower right corner since it was the only one which could be used.


And voila we have a square shape with the corners already tapered.


Now think about your design. It can be anything you want as long as it fits into the square. Since I’ve been liking owls lately thanks to some of my favorite beauty vloggers on Youtube (StilaBabe09, Macbarbie07 and Meghanrosette). I decided on an owl bookmark!

I sketched my idea first as a rough outline like so:


And colored it in with some markers.


Tada! My owl bookmark is done!

IMG_7261 IMG_7260

And yes that’s a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. It was the closest book I found to test the bookmark on.

What did you think of my bookmark? Don’t be shy, comment below. And tell me if you’re gonna be making one too!

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Have a nice day!