Foodie Tuesday – Going local with Kamote (Sweet Potato) Fries

One cloudy afternoon I went to my nephew’s school to fetch him. I was a bit early so I decided to sit around and watch all the kids going by. I saw this one kid eating something that looked like french fries. But at a closer view it was covered in what seemed like caramel. That was when I realized that it was the Kamote (Sweet Potato) Fries sold at the canteen.

Unluckily for me, they were all out when I decided to buy some while waiting. So I decided to make my own version. Here is my version:


Kamote (Sweet Potato)


Brown Sugar


1) Peel sweet potatoes and cut into strips.


2) Deep fry sweet potatoes for 2-3 minutes or until golden.


3) Dry fried sweet potatoes on a paper towel.


4) Roll on to brown sugar.


5) Fry again until sugar caramelizes. (TIP: Add additional sugar in the oil to ensure a good coat of caramelized sugar.)

And now we have our very own Kamote (Sweet Potato) Fries! I’m hooked (too bad I’m on a diet)! Try it now!



(Sorry for the blurry pic! I didn’t realize it was blurry up until I published this post. It was too late to retake the pic, the fries were long gone! Hehe

Mac & Cheese Tuesday

I’ve been craving Mac & Cheese for a while now and instead of looking for a place to buy some I decided to explore the kitchen and actually make some. Welcome to my first (documented) cooking session!

I was running low on groceries so I improvised and used leftover Queso de Bola! So this is like a “how to use leftovers” and “no bake” kind of recipe. Two in one! BAM!


1 200g Elbow Macaroni


 1 small can Evaporated Milk (or any kind of milk)


 Quick Melting Cheese (substitute for Cheddar cheese)


Queso de Bola (substitute for Parmesan cheese)




Black pepper



1. Cook elbow macaroni based on package directions (no picture since I was afraid that my pasta would stick to the pan if I left it to get my camera.)

2. Grate some cheese (Quickmelt and Queso de Bola)


3. Pour milk in a bowl


4. Mix 1/2 tablespoon of flour to the milk.


5. Cook milk and flour mixture in a sauce pan for 2-3 minutes. Add cheeses. (Don’t let this burn!)

P.S. Don’t forget to add a dash of pepper. I actually forgot to do this step. Hehe. But it still tasted good to me. I also added some diced leftover luncheon meat from breakfast.

6. Place cooked macaroni in sauce pan and mix.

Voila! It is done. Bon appétit!


Original Recipe found here.

Do you wanna try this? Comment below what your thoughts are on this recipe. And don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions.

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